Déjà vu as Poetry in a Klein-Bottle Universe

Déjà vu as Poetry in a Klein Bottle Universe short poem

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In a dream that is not mine
Muse of Poesy, upon your cue,
I follow after a gossamer line
Till I versify as one with you!
In your Mobius-looped universe
Space regresses as time in reverse;
We versify lost dreams as we glide
Up and down an inverted slide!
Seamless loop of déjà vu universe
In a wine-warmed Klein bottle!
In you, a speck of poetry is a mottle
Regressing forward in reverse!
Come Muse, in dreams déjà vu
Let me nakedly die fulfilling you!
Smother me in your bottle of time,
Sex me up in rhythm and rhyme.

Notes for Déjà vu as Poetry in a Klein-Bottle Universe
In this ‘surreal poem’, the poet invokes his Muse. He imagines the universe as one Klein bottle – in which ‘Space regresses as time in reverse’. The reversal brings to the poet’s mind the imagined concept of déjà vu, the perception that a current experience is one that has occurred before in either another place or time or both. For a better grasp of the poem, readers may like to Google ‘Klein bottle’ and ‘Mobius strip’. In 1882, the mathematician Felix Klein imagined sewing together two Mobius strips into a one-sided bottle such that its inside is its outside! Since then, mathematicians have imagined various forms of the Klein bottle, none of which may exist except in a universe with a fourth dimension.
Muse of Poesy: the poet invokes the aid of his muse

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Arrow of Time

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