A Song of Willy-nilly Nill and Will

A Song of Willy nilly Nill and Will short poem

Photo by Mark Fischer

In eyes the color of translucence
Irises dilate to hold up
The light hands cannot cup;
In minds the color of efflorescence
Cool heads may not prevail,
Hot heads may not fail;
But in mindsets the color of prison walks
Thoughts clog dead-end street,
Clatter on tombstone feet;
And most, in hearts the color of talks
Spirit wields wills,
Flesh, willy-nilly, nills.
From wombs we come willy-nilly will
Whence from ripe to rot, we rot and rot;
So to tombs we go willy-nilly nill.

Notes for A Song of Willy-nilly Nill and Will
There are personal traits and events that we can or cannot control. How much one can do in given circumstances depends most on one’s personality. Our birth and death are two events entirely beyond our control.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Arrow of Time

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