Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo long poem

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A is for Ant; so small yet strong
B is for Bear; with claws sharp and long
C is for Cow; in the field making milk
D is for Dog; with fur soft as silk
E is for Elephant; Its trunk loud and long
F is for Fish; swimming round in a pond
G is for Gorilla; beating his chest
H is for Horse; trotting round full of zest
I is for Insect; all the flies and the bee’s
J is for Jellyfish; swimming far out to sea
K is for Kangaroo; jumping here & there
L is for Lion with his long mane of fur
M is for Moth; flying round in the dark
N is for Newt; in the pond at the park
O is for Otter; living on the lake shore
P is for Penguin; sliding on the snow
Q is for Quail; laying eggs really small
R is for Reindeer; with antlers so tall
S is for Squirrel; with a big bushy tail
T is for Tortoise; as slow as a snail
U is for Uakari; a monkey, his face is red
V is for Vulture; circling high overhead
W is for Wolf; hear it howl in the night
X is for Xenops; a bird that eats mite
Y is for Yak; with horns and hairy back
Z is for Zebra; its stripes of white & black

Now that you’ve been through,
The wonderful alphabet zoo,
I hope you smiled along the way,
And had a happy ABC day.

Learning can be such good fun,
For you and me and everyone,
So always learn your ABC,
And smile at the animals you will see.

Written on 27th May 2014

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Positively Poetic – Volume 4

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ALL POEMS ©2015 DARREN SCANLON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. * Words and music have always played a major role in my life. A life without being able to enjoy music and express in words would be, for me, empty and cold.I have been writing since age 16, some 30+ years now but have only recently started publishing my works. Since doing so in Dec 2013, I have published 4 novels and 5 volumes of poetry, (available on words are my life. If they touch you in any way, if you are able to take something from them, then my work has achieved its goal and I am a happy man.Welcome to my world. Darren.
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Very clever Darron I am applauding at this moment, I am sure my
grandson would love this poem, it would encourage him further
in his own endevours.

Lawrence Chew

Nice, warm poem. Thanks for posting.


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