The Singing Stork

A special delivery is often made,
Of a loving couple’s sweet young babe.
Wrapped in a blanket and dangling free,
At the end of the bill of a Stork or three.

Sleeping and quiet the babies would be,
At peace and content for all to see.
Silently flapping its graceful wings,
Not a sound, a word or anything.

But Stan the Stork just couldn’t keep quiet,
However he tried he just couldn’t do it.
All the babies were wide awake,
And what a noise they would start to make.

To solve the problem they had to try,
Any old plan for a silent flight.
They tied up his tongue in a little knot,
But it broke free before it reached the cot.

Then one day someone said why not,
Find a way to keep his bill shut.
Tie the blanket around it tight,
The baby will have a peaceful night.

And so it was from that day’s night,
The babies had their peaceful flights.
A muffled snuffle was all they heard,
From the unhappy tuneful delivery bird.

Written on 15th April 2014

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Positively Poetic – Volume 4

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ALL POEMS ©2015 DARREN SCANLON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. * Words and music have always played a major role in my life. A life without being able to enjoy music and express in words would be, for me, empty and cold.I have been writing since age 16, some 30+ years now but have only recently started publishing my works. Since doing so in Dec 2013, I have published 4 novels and 5 volumes of poetry, (available on words are my life. If they touch you in any way, if you are able to take something from them, then my work has achieved its goal and I am a happy man.Welcome to my world. Darren.
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Editorial Board

@dartherino, so, the stork must have gleaned the idea from the singing telegram? Not at all bad, since the advent of the singing cooks and waiters delivering your food, or the singing nuns delivering the sermon. Your whimsical and playful rhymes would appeal to all those of tender in hearts, big and small.


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