Queen Of A Cage

Queen Of A Cage short poem

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Too careless what’s going on all around,
Although in a cage she is kept and bound,
The couple is not free and cannot fly,
When she sees other birds in open sky,
She turns his nibs to the pretty spouse,
She is queen of a cage now it’s her house,
Incubating her eggs with the dreams of breed,
Content with her life she forgot the need,
Need of listening to a lover’s sweet voice,
What she can do having no other choice,
She lived in dreams she will live in dreams,
A helpless bird cannot swim in streams,
When she sees her spouse forgets her rage,
Like her the spouse is also in the cage,
And then she sings in her sweet lovely voice,
For a spouse that is not her lovely choice,
When young ones come out of the eggs,
She puts her past in the wax sealed kegs.

(In our society girls are married by their parents to their cousins without their consent; to avoid the division of agricultural lands; and they have no choice but to bid farewell to their love)

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I understood your poem Akhtar, I thought afterwards we ALL live in cages one way or the other, some are our own doing and some come with the culture we live in. The best most peaceful moments in my own life when I (feel) free, but oh I know life itself cages us, we must learn to live in our bounderies although I laugh here I stretch mine at times. Once again your poems proke me to think good!!


provoke!!! sorry


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