Pain Of Love

Pain Of Love long poem

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Do you ever feel a little choked up?
Were you dreaming good and suddenly woke up?
Like all was going smooth but you suddenly broke up-
into tears – but a sly smile just soaked up-
all of them,and you feel like to lock up-
yourself or run away to the distance so far
“cause the pain inside is tearing you apart
while you are here,alive,but feel like to dive
in a pool full of chilled water – shivering all the way
and you cannot figure out,why gloomy is the day?

Picked up a pen- could not put up a word
“cause the world you dreamt of is no more there
for you don’t wanna cry but can’t stop wondering why
why all these people here just need to lie
Then you try to cry but can’t get a tear out
though it’s painful and you wanna shout
so that anybody from there
would act like they care
and it is rather impossible but you wish she was there
the one you loved

too much,too much,as such you’ll now
die without them,wondering all the way how
you’ll end up in this cruel world and
end up in this real world

it hurts like a knife stabbed into your heart
and the pain inside is tearing you apart
that my boy is the pain of love
that’s when you go insane of love
-is my boy the pain of love

But you ain’t suppose to show it
’cause anyone ain’t supposed to know it
you tried hard,a hundred times for it
to grow down dim,but it only grows stronger
you feel like no longer
you can breath properly
and you forget to treat soberly
any of the people around you
as the cloud of intense pain surround you
and then they suddenly start to rain
and all the old clustered pain
starts to crumble you down
down into pieces – you’ll never ever to try pick up
for they’ll love them back – you just want that
and you just feel dizzy then you sick up
that my boy is the pain of love
that’s how you go insane of love
-that my boy is the pain of love

There are things in your mind you don’t wanna think
You get a flash and your heart just sinks
who to blame it to is your only dilemma
Checked out on everything,could not get a link.
Where is that feeling that used to melt
your heart,your soul,so good it felt ?
like the angels above are doing for your cause
you wished to have control and could just pause
those moments for you to a time called forever
but the bad thing is that they are there no longer.

You’ve given all of yours but you cannot concentrate
How can love,such a pure thing, be left to fate?
There are questions,questions,questions in your mind
and they are slowly deteorioting your mental state

you try not to,not to,but cry inside
you found the answer “you want them by your side”
and the pain inside is more than you can take
this word of love is no more than fake
there are not so happy worlds you can make
no more starful skies and no more silent lakes.
this only feeling is the pain of love
that’s how I went insane of love
that my boy is the pain of love

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What can I say about myself here? You'll get to know about me,my rhymes and my life once we get in touch. But one thing I can tell you,(they say) : all of these are very much interesting and I am really a nice person to be friends with. Now,I cant say much about what they say,but I believe we all are (somewhat) nice persons.I am just Living #YOUNG and #WILD and #FREE !!
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Paulo Sérgio Costa

Awesome Poem–good work! Isn’t it ironic how nothing hurts us more than love? Particularly when we lose it.

Lakhan Mal

I can just say WOW!! Awesome way to express your feelings. It’s really hard to overcome the pain in love. Very well said by Swami Vivekananda, “You cannot ignore the pain, but you can decide to suffer from it or not”


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