I won’t sleep Tonight

I won’t sleep Tonight long poem

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So we gonna stay this way
What can I say, I fell in love with you
And now my heart beats only for you
I wanted this since so long
But no body was close to me
And if they got close to me they would fly away
Because of the differences, the irregularities
But I was still breathing
Like a teenage dreamer
What I can I say, I always threw love away
Yeah you know, I wasn’t that thought though
But I got infested by you
I always was fearless
But when I am around you, it’s like I am a hero in a movie
I want to protect you
What can I say
So we gonna stay like this
And I always say “Love won’t find its way to me”
But then it hit me
When you found me
Love found its way
They said god blessed me
Good life, Good looks and money
But I never cared about god anyway
So I threw all that away
I just wanted to be me
Can you see the real me?
So if you gonna stay , just say
I am still breathing , my heart is still beating
But something wrong with it
I look at you and know the reason why
My heart skips a beat or two when I think about you
And I feel free
I told my mother I’d grow up one day
But it ain’t today
What can I say
I am still breathing
Falling in love with you every evening
And I spent so many sleepless nights because of you
When I thought I’d fall asleep I thought about you
My heart went racing and I stayed awake
The colors of the world I never seen before I see in you
And what’s the craziest part of this is you
It was all planned out until you walked into my life
And then the plan was just blown away by the wind of change
I had to rearrange my whole life
Started to rotate around you and my mind was gone
Only thing I think about is you
And I can’t keep myself away from you
So we just gonna stay this way
Let the wind blow us away
Together floating, flying away
And again I won’t sleep tonight

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Rain and Wind

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Srdjan Solkotovic

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Srdjan Solkotovic(Srđan Šolkotović) is a young aspiring author born on the 6th of January, 1993. Currently owner of The Writing Hut and literature student, a writer born in Serbia, raised by multinational parents (Serbian/Wallachian father and Romanian mother).The first time I was interested in writing was around the age of 12. It seemed fun to create worlds that people enjoyed to read about. Writers are amazing, creating with only pen and paper. Like playing god.Most of my works are of a poetic nature but I have written and published some erotica. Now I have a few projects that I will work on and I hope that you will enjoy reading them when they are finished.
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asoke kumar mitra

beautiful write. but heart wrenching……..

ramakrishnan chatakondu

You are a silent killer…….killing everybody with your love .


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