Hard to Live

Hard to Live short poem

Photo by Will Foster

Hold on, if love is the answer, why is it gone?
If you can see something I can’t, won’t you mind sharing it with me
You say love is the answer but I can’t see, what do you want from me ?
Almost got me , almost made me real
I need something more
I need something to touch
I need to be alive in such a rush
Can’t even feel, can’t even see
What the hell do you want from me ?
I did all what you asked from me, but is it love?
Is the answer love, is that what you see?
Fiction and fantasy combined in your eyes
And I can’t tell if you are just lies created by my own eyes
Can you take me away from here ?
Can you get me out and say goodbye?
Will you cry?
My dreams get really bizarre
Why are you here? I don’t even know who you are
Yet my world moves slowly
And when I fall asleep, I make myself believe, I make myself believe in you
I fall asleep
And the planet turns slowly
I’d rather stay awake but my dreams they keep me going back to you
They keep dragging me away from reality
Stop being you, don’t let me dream about you
Let me live my life , let me see the sky
Go see the world , there is always something brand new
And I will learn to fly
To get away from you
Anything I would do.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Rain and Wind

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Srdjan Solkotovic

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Srdjan Solkotovic(Srđan Šolkotović) is a young aspiring author born on the 6th of January, 1993. Currently owner of The Writing Hut and literature student, a writer born in Serbia, raised by multinational parents (Serbian/Wallachian father and Romanian mother).The first time I was interested in writing was around the age of 12. It seemed fun to create worlds that people enjoyed to read about. Writers are amazing, creating with only pen and paper. Like playing god.Most of my works are of a poetic nature but I have written and published some erotica. Now I have a few projects that I will work on and I hope that you will enjoy reading them when they are finished.
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Editorial Board

@Srdjan_Solkotovic, the heart always laments at love’s many inconsistencies, as it has been since man stopped clubbing his mate-to-be, and instead wooed her with sweet words and tender acts. You have composed quite a moving dialogue, fitting for even a theatrical script. Should this still fail, you might opt to try the act and find out the result. Good luck.

Seraiah Naomi Israel

I really enjoyed reading your work.


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