I can’t see through every lie
The only truth I know is dying
Isn’t that a sad thing to say

But anything is hard to believe
When everything isn’t what it seems
what I used to know doesn’t matter anymore

Actions speak louder than words
but intentions are what rules this world
but the intentions pay no attention to the world

There is one thing I wish to be
it’s very simple I want to be free,
but I don’t even know what that means
I thought I did before

I can’t deny what I see
smiling faces made of misery
bank statements gained from poverty,
I see compliance instead of anarchy

What I’m saying isn’t too surprising
I know that people realize they’re just too scared to
step outside their narrow mind
they’re poisoned they’re paralyzed

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Sarah Muldoon

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I am twenty years young from Ireland, I write to express and to say the things I could never make audible. I have little academic knowledge of poetry but I'm okay with that! I live to gaze at stars and question everything, my ultimate dream is to reset the factory settings of humanity...
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Editorial Board

@sarah_muldoon, enlightenment comes hard to the
mind that has been closed and poisoned. The veil that covers the truth could be confusing as intentions may only be discerned from acti

Editorial Board

intentions may only be discerned from actions
that belie the spoken word. Freedom seems a muddled issue when its meaning and essence is lost.
The peoples of the world would relate to your poem.
This could apply where the struggle is against an oppressor or poverty.


Oh sarah your poem rings true like the big church bell outside my house awakening me each morning.
Reset the factory settings—I liked that term but to me they are being reset every day every year, history proves that from the begining of time. I think man can only find the antedote to the poison and live a constuctive life helping his fellow humans when he can. Yes your poem pulled me up as we tend to live automatic lives and we need to evalulate our own lives as times change. JMO of course but thank you for sharing. I smile when I say be happy

Abhinav Saxena

@sarah Precocious you as seeing your age its quite interesting!Your poems make to ponder a lot and in this poem i personally liked the last paragraph’s second line that people are scared to step outside their narrow mind.

Sourabh Mishra

Really a nice poem thumbs up..great work…


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In this timeless ethereality where silences build converted assonances and gravitational elapses, I breath your unspoken space within my pollinated reflections… Petalled essences of your insights swing the Eternity on the edge of my second… Echoed Time graciously bleeds rainbows


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Abstraction has become a constant routine. Contemplating not knowing what to do or who to become, had became a life’s affair. Coming up with disparate possibilities on what to do in life, I came up with: Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.