The Autistic Land

The Autistic Land sonnet poems

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I know you hear me, but you answer not.
I beg and scream: ‘Please, look into my eyes! ‘.
Yet, silently, you scratch unopened skies.
I wish I’d know your every hidden thought.
I try to hug you, but you pull away,
you clap your hands and rocking back and forth,
you feel your body as a magic cloth,
and I am crying like a wandered stray.
Your lakes are staring as if truly blind.
Your trees, confused, fight hard to stay unshaken.
Your land holds secrets of a great mind.
Your soul remembers fear to be forsaken.

You are my country and I love you so.
Not ever, do not ever let me go.

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I am a citizen of this wonderful world. I live in the language of every country, in the poetry of every language. I was born once with the word. I dream your dreams, I think your thoughts, I feel your fear, pain, joy, sorrow, doubt, serenity. I exist because you create me. Keep me alive in your poems and we shall live happily ever after.Maria Magdalena Biela
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Yes life all around the world is sometimes like that, but that is pain.
I enjoyed reading and felt the anguish


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