Birthdays short poem

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I’ll bake tonight a rounded cake
to celebrate the wish I make
I’ll light my candles with the Moon
and let them glow in nightly gloom.

I wish myself a better year,
to feel and see what I can’t hear,
and as a snake sheds its own skin
I’d like to shed my old chagrin.

In darkened room a mirror stays,
in candlelight I catch a gaze
from mirror staring straight at me.
One moment thought: who could that be?

The candles shiver as I do,
She looks at me as if she knew
something I did not. Who is she?
From mirror comes another me.

A girl with dark wide opened eyes,
she’s silent without any smiles.
She’s watching from another time,
she hears and sees a silenced chime.

I look into the mirror’s will
another me its waves reveal.
An other me that through time strives
to help me learn my other lives.

I make a wish and write it on
a piece of paper which anon
I fold in half and light in fire,
and let it burn my heart’s desire.

Candles like not to be blown out.
Wet fingertips or with my clout
I kill their flame. I’m born again.
With all my stars I drink champagne.

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I am a citizen of this wonderful world. I live in the language of every country, in the poetry of every language. I was born once with the word. I dream your dreams, I think your thoughts, I feel your fear, pain, joy, sorrow, doubt, serenity. I exist because you create me. Keep me alive in your poems and we shall live happily ever after.Maria Magdalena Biela
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A very happy poem, I liked your idea of enlikening shedding your skin like the snake. Yes we outgrow
ourselves with new learning as we grow older, and as always my saying go with the flow or we will age. Your poem says this in a lovely way.



Birthdays short poem

Birthdays are special Reminding us of many times Growing past, but still remembering Not the bad things, but those that shine And as that gift of life was given to us We give it in return And nurture it so