Garvin Heights (Winona, Minnesota)

Garvin Heights (Winona, Minnesota) short poem

Photo by Felix Francis

I expected to be dizzy
peering over an abyss
of rocks and trees
into the twenty mile vista.
Instead I was as still
as the surrounding trees
rooted with wonder
to this high place
in the clean prairie air,
standing above the ravens
who tossed below me
on waves of light.

I leaned against the fence,
felt its jagged rocks
scrape my bare arms.
My eyes
like quietly thinking clouds
reflected the crawling world:
pale green river water
sloshed against its grainy banks,
dark green trees scattered
the houses of Winona
across the plain,
low hills trembled
in the blue haze of distance.

My eyes dropped a thousand feet
to the shadowed highway,
then swept up
into a flash of sun.
The light spiraled
through my body,
flaming every deadened spot . . .
I wondered,
if this is who I am
in the heights,
who will I be in the lowlands?

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Daniel Brick

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I was born in the Twin Cities and lived my whole life here. As I look back on the many opportunities I had to live elsewhere I must conclude this is where I am rooted, near the Mississippi River, in a landscape of four seasons with many trees and parks and lakes. These are the natural things I treasure. Poetry, both reading and writing, and classical music are my two passions. Over the years most of my friends have moved to warmer climates. so in old age I find myself to be something of a loner. But I have a talent for solitude, and my extended family is very close. It's very important to me to read poems of other poets at a site like highonpoems. Through my comments I want to help their creativity and nudge them forward as poets. This is at least as important as having people read my poems and give me feedback. Language was given to human beings so they could make creative use of it; it must be respected and never used for debased or evil purposes. It is a sacred trust. Everywhere I witness language misused in advertising, politics, entertainment, daily usage, etc. It is my goal to create beautiful language in my poems so that people can appreciate the wonder of it. This is definitely a personal view; I am not here to impose my views on others, but to learn from their creativity how to increase mine. This is a two way exchange, and in the process of sharing poems we have a wonderful foundation for friendships.
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Chandrama Deshmukh

No wonder they say poets have special powers studded with pearls of wisdom.
There are so many who would have looked at this scene from up above, but the perspective you give towards the end of your verse blew me off my feet.
“I wondered,
if this is who I am
in the heights,
who will I be in the lowlands?”

Simply marvelous!


And how the poem developed, a true poet, I must admit the scene itself drew me,
to see the flying birds below me, wonderbar.
I enjoyed reading and how you stretched the poem, delighted me, a new
learning curve, the twist well I have to admit I am who I am who I am. I chuckle at
that and just hope you saw it was an inside grin, not at you.