Broken Pencil

Broken Pencil long poem

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The joke’s on you if you can’t see the truth
But what did I expect from someone who sees a god in the sky
When all he wants to do is kill and die
You took the words out of my mouth just because I was breathing
And maybe you were never drunk like your teacher
But you should know that there is no harm in the drawing of your preacher

There are many people like you that don’t want us
But you can’t get rid of us in any way
Break our pencils in two , see how far that will get you
And we are not all by ourselves
There are many of us
And we will rise again, stand against you and your extreme ways

Because what you do is against what your lord says
With each move you go towards the future using the wrong ways
No one ever sees you like they used to
You house gets cold but you can’t feel because they are your heating
The invisible man in the sky and the one that told you to kill the cartoonist guy
Why can’t you see that love beats every religion

Why can’t you see that reason is something you need
Believe in god but don’t kill us
On cold days you will feel the shame
You know you can’t change the past and the wrong things you have done
But the future , well we will not let you change the future for us
We are the one mass that you can’t move

With each attack we grow stronger
With each death we get bolder
With each threat we stand firmer
And if you try to take our lives away
We will destroy your way
Je Suis Charlie

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Srdjan Solkotovic

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Srdjan Solkotovic(Srđan Šolkotović) is a young aspiring author born on the 6th of January, 1993. Currently owner of The Writing Hut and literature student, a writer born in Serbia, raised by multinational parents (Serbian/Wallachian father and Romanian mother).The first time I was interested in writing was around the age of 12. It seemed fun to create worlds that people enjoyed to read about. Writers are amazing, creating with only pen and paper. Like playing god.Most of my works are of a poetic nature but I have written and published some erotica. Now I have a few projects that I will work on and I hope that you will enjoy reading them when they are finished.
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