The Call

The Call short poem

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And I won’t cry, When you will come….
Peacefully I would lie, Waiting for my turn….

Don’t hesitate dear,as there’s so much noise,
Just concentrate…., and listen to my voice.

Though I know,More precious to you I would be…,
Than I was for life, So embrace me and let it be……

With a smile across,And open arms….
As you are the only truth, And that’s your real charm….

I know there are few, few glimpses of me behind….
But that should be over, by the passage of time….

You are beautiful, That’s what I would say at all,
And we shouldn’t wait, so let’s make this call…

Come and touch me,I would fly by your side,
Riding along you, On this very tide…..

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Pranay Kumar

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A lovely love poem but unrequited, this poem hopefully would do the trick


Beautiful expressions for, you are the admirer. A lover “TOUCHSTONE
We that are true lovers run into strange
capers. But as all is mortal in nature, so is all nature
in love mortal in folly. (2.4.53-55)” these lines by William Shakespeare from As You Like It mean a lot. And I could correlate with your poem. Great work. keep writing. 🙂


Yes Pranay absolutely correct friend but the sad part is sometimes the other person is not able to peek in the true heart and feel the true love. This is a sad part in most lovers life. I am also not any exception. But I believe to love purely is much more than getting the love truly. I don’t wish that the person I love will have to love me. But I wish that loving her for the whole life and wishing and praying for her betterment is all I want. Any day I don’t want to betray myself by forgetting her, my love. 🙂


Yes friend. Truly said. And someday that person will realize the grave mistake but it will be too late then. One thing i can tell you when I was facing a similar brutality I chose my pen to make love with and I am better now. 🙂


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