Under The Blanket

Under The Blanket long poem

O ! Colors, the pretty muses …
Come and join me –
The Color of nothingness,
– An empty canvas,
Fit for painting
To the will of thy art !

O ! Rays, the gliding fairies
Advance and adorn me –
The realm of darkness;
– A naked black-board
Apt for chalking
To the fill of thy craft !

May it not abuse or amuse…
Sing the praise of all,
Pressing on regardless,
– The way they come !
With the heart un-shrunken
With the spirit unbeaten

Life, no more a life – when
None to love and to be loved;
None to wait and weep for !
– What a perplexed phenomenon :
Life – like a flower, ephemeral !
Love – its nectar, eternal !?

Let’s celebrate the( glory of ) love
Ever juvenile and jubilant
Till tired of loving !
– Let’s laugh, only to laugh it away !
Then laugh, laugh and die
When nothing left to love and laugh !

Come and stay connected;
with detached attachment
That keeps relation everlasting
– Free from clash and crush !
Give a sparkle of smile,
A magical fire of inspiration !

Life – an ongoing mono-act
Of unknown themes and climax
Pleasant surprise or pathetic shock
-Fragile, sublime or subtle ?
The more the suspense
The greater the anxiety; and charm !!

It’s all a premature concept,
Mere poetic conceit
Both frivolous and precarious
– What a whimsical contemplation:
All behind the curtain
All under the blanket… !?

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KKV Peringottukara.Official Name : K.K. VENUGOPALAN.Employed in M/s. J.M. BAXI & CO., Bhavnagar, Gujarat – India, as - Asst.General Manager (Branch Head)Social activities : Secretary - Bhavnagar Shipping Agents & Stevedores' Association. Patron - The Saurashtra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bhavnagar. Member - Trade Facilitation Committee, Bhavnagar Customs (Gujarat).Edu.Qlfn : M.A. E-Lit., P.G.Dip. in Biz.Mgmt, Dip. in Eng.Journ.Have fascination for Literature, mainly poetry. Writing Poems & Articles in various periodicals – both Malayalam & English. Published Three books of Poems in Malayalam (Jaithrayathra, Thenthullikal & Punarjjani). Belongs to Kerala State, Peringottukara, Trichur Dist.Wife : Radha Venugopal, Daughter : Viji Nithin, Son : Sujith Venugopal
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Nice poem… dad…


– A naked black-board
Apt for chalking
To the fill of thy craft !

Come and stay connected;
with detached attachment
That keeps relation everlasting…

Simply superb…. Achcha

Jayesh R. Sonpal
Jayesh R. Sonpal

very sweet..


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