The Colour Umber

The Colour Umber short poem

Photo by Brett Jordan

The umber colour is not any colour but all three at the same time,

and to be any colour like a plain old blue, well be so inclined,

and to tell a colour from another colour you must never be colour blind.

Yes umber is the colour that swirls inside my mind,

so take your colours like green and purple and red and make them another colour; infuse them to be kind

like taking different words and jumbling them up to make a nursery rhyme.

I am the umber colour because I feel it sometimes and you can choose to be any colour you can find.

I believe the most interesting colours are the ones that we synthesize from within our souls which is like a diamond mine.

Our souls changing colour like a blink of an eye and a space in a certain time.

We are the children of star dust and together we can create any colour which is infinite within the miracle that is so so sublime.

What colour describes you at this time.

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Peter Kiggin

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I am a poet through and through and anyone that tells you different you must deny it and slap them across the face very roughly indeed. I love the normal things in life and turning them into mysterious meaningful emotionally attached fascinating object or subjects.
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