Being A Poet

Being A Poet short poem

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While my ten fingers are busy forming the letters into words,
A thousand thoughts forming in my mind as it creates something to accord.
A tons of things to ponder and wonder,
A lot of imaginations to expand and discover.

I imagine the stars in the universe,
I imagine the clear blue waters in the ocean to rise,
I imagine the forms of the leaf as it prints into my hand,
I imagine you as my subjects that rings as it enters into my mind.

How many letters shall I start forming words?
What figures and faces shall I start drawing into my canvas?
What kind of style will I use to create a poem dedicated to you?
How much time do I have to finish this writing I wrote about you?

Will you be the first to read the things I wrote?
Will you be the first to understand the words I formed?
Will you be the first to feel my feelings I have deeply included?
Will you be the first to let me know how hard it is to become a Poet?

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Reagan Latumbo

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Singer. Poet Writer.I love singing and singing will always be my stint forever.Just like what I have said above, I am totally a lover of poems.I wrote straight from the heart, from my experience.I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English in the Philippines.I dreamed of publishing some of my poems I wrote a few years back until now.
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