Real Magic

Real Magic prose poem

Soil and soul be united
Human kind alive after the huge creatures
Gifted heart and mind, to run the globe
Sense be the trigger, curiosity be the ammo.

The unknown become the well-known
Seed become foods, speech become theories
Scratch become arts, sound become music
Trash become wealth, rocks become statue.

Mind, brain, and heart, make learning looks like magic
Education is the most wanted treasure.

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Maya Ariohudoyo

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Just like to pull out what's on my mind into words.
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Chandrama Deshmukh

The way your poem started took the cake!
How I wish education could really bridge these gaps. But does it? Makes me ponder on the concept.

“Seed become foods, speech become theories
Scratch become arts, sound become music
Trash become wealth, rocks become statue.”

Couldn’t have been explained better 🙂
Beautifully conceived verse!

Waiting to read more.


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