Cupid With The ”o’

Cupid With The ”o’ short poem

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No I am not some naked
little winged boy
shooting arrows,
like water, my love
for you flows.
I will stand on a mountain
like a cock in the morning that crows
my love for you, echoes
test my chest
I love the best
In me your love
you can invest.
loving you is a pleasure
in my heart, you, I will always treasure
did you know that love for you
is a need
for my heart today.
I got no wings
but for you my heart sings
for you my love won’t fade at all
because I am Cupid with the ”O”
I am your beloved angel…

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Matthew Cupido

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Hi everyone I am Matthew . I am married and a father of three. I started writing poetry since 1998. I just exploring writing diffrent topics. happy reading folks!!!
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Chandrama Deshmukh

Kept wondering why have you named your poem ‘Cupid With The ”o’ until I read the second last line of the verse.
It’s a beautiful poem, though the rhyming words seem to restrict it. You should give it a try without bothering about the rhyme scheme. Just a suggestion 🙂

You have an interesting second name by the way. Waiting to read more.

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