I Weep Again… dedicated To The Family Of Michael Brown

Enraged we stand in this broken country
still living an old brown paper bag blues.
While newsprint vividly tells the story but
you might not find it on the midnight news.

And I weep again, I weep for all… my brothers
and sisters, I weep for thee.

We’ve lost another and yet another. Bodies
of young Black males fall to their death.
The Black man’s future is fading fast. Whilst
we stand by with heartfelt pain, acts of
supremacy rises high again.

And I weep again before we fall, reaching
out for peace and serenity.

A shield of armed men standing strong, a
military squad it seems. Ready to pull that
deadly trigger and rip hope from a Black
man’s dreams.

And I weep again in this land of the free,
O God, they forgot about me.

Swing low, sweet chariot, take me home to
paradise where my soul roams free. God’s
spiritual place awaiting all humanity. After
our blood spills, we soar the Heavens away
from life’s earthy travesty.

And I weep again, for family and friends, Lord
what will become of thee.

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Melvina Germain

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Melvina Germain A Nova Scotian born Multi Style Poet. She is a grandmother who ponders on her ancestry and loves to teach such to her grandchildren and others. Not only does Melvina put pen to paper in literary delight, telling hard core truths. She’ll take you along the same path and depict the trials of her ancestry in art form. Her artwork displayed in vibrant colors, helps her deal with the pain that seeps within her soul. Melvina has published six books including two Kindle books and four Chap books. She is a participant in a Canadian Anthology…The Great Black North, “50 Haikus” by Prolific Press and others as well.
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3 Comments on "I Weep Again… dedicated To The Family Of Michael Brown"

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Chandrama Deshmukh

Such a soul stirring poem!
When I read about these incidents, all I wonder is ‘What is humanity coming to?’
Can’t imagine the plight of the family.
May his soul rest in peace.

I am glad poets are writing about such tragedies, it evokes a deep sense of need for change.
Seeking answers is often the beginning of a revolution.
Hope this poem reaches the victims family.


As I do wishing for this poem to reach the family. It is a time of such discord all over the world these days and yes poems should be written or how do we get a true history of events.


Very touching. I loved it.


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