The Last Rain

It fell like nothing before, and tried hard to quench the thirst,
but every drop of it failed, whether the last..or the first….

The coolness was now a dream, the passion a haste,
hence when it kissed the ground, it was nothing but all waste….

Meant only to suffer, to cry in those realms,
with no more solace, with no more dreams…..

Dreams were not meant, no…not for today,
so they remained far, and went their own way……

What it seemed was,…. like a purgatory all around,
crying echoes, and… their wailing sounds….

Someone called it a trauma, someone called it vain,
what really it was, nothing but the very last rain….

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Pranay Kumar

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Hard work will pay off, Dreams will come true, Bad times don't last for long, But bad guys do....
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