A Step Into The Real World

A Step Into The Real World short poem

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A step into the real world
Putting her first foot forward she hesitates,
Though exploring the realms of the unknown excite her,
Enthuse her to find her own niche; find for her a new domain,
Nostalgia holds her back.

Faraway in the sands of time are etched little footsteps
Accompanied by a little shadow
An infantile thrill grips her as the waves splash over her feet.
The sparkling laughter fills her mind as the memories wash over.
When in stories princesses triumphed over evil witches, her little eyes twinkled and slipping her tiny hand in her dad’s she learned how to never let go.
At times, the young girl struggled and stumbled her way through the darkness reaching out for a new morn.
Along the way, a wisp of brush here and a stroke there she added diverse pastels to her life’s canvas.
Suddenly a resplendent butterfly circled around, beckoning her to sprinkle her hues in the world.
Take a step into the real world.

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Vibhuti Shastri

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I have always had a special interest in reading and eventually writing poetry. Writing, for me somehow has always been the best way of expressing myself. The art of writing and reading gives you this unique and exciting opportunity to communicate with people across different time periods. And what could be better than to have a site dedicated just for that!
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