Scenes From A European Movie

Scenes From A European Movie short poem

“Art makes visible the unseen” – Paul Klee

Along the edge of the Gothic archway,
starlings disturb the air, only slightly.
Its soft-focus architecture casts
exact shadows rippled by delicate wings.
Beneath misted silence
he waits, for the next victim.
Stubs out anticipated eyes
as if they’re cigarettes.
Envisaged screams are cyclic,
trapped into repetition.
Around him the air moves in
listless tides of tactile coolness,
siphoned by tangents of light
through time-scabbed brickwork;
past stone faces wrinkled as lizard skin,
its passage resembling that of
women howling through key-holes.
He conceals Sirius in his fist,
Scorpio in his molar cavities, and
dreams of cars that explode and cartwheel.
He remembers he first saw the girl
reflected in the wing-mirror of
a parked Renault, and turning,
no-one was there.
Now he imagines her
riding empty compartments
on midnight subways,
he throws clocks through
eternally shattering windows,
alarms ringing in 2am gutters.
And he waits for the next victim
to come out of the city of the dead,
and they will be like the dead,
dressed in rags
and with faces ravaged by disease.
As he waits
starlings disturb the air
only slightly…

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Andrew Darlington

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By way of introduction, I’ve had masses of material published in all manner of strange and obscure places, magazines, websites, anthologies and books. I’ve also worked as a Stand-Up Poet on the ‘Alternative Cabaret Circuit’, and I’ve interviewed very many people from the worlds of Literature, SF-Fantasy, Art and Rock-Music for a variety of publications (a selection of my favourite interviews collected into the recent ‘Headpress’ book ‘I WAS ELVIS PRESLEY’S BASTARD LOVE-CHILD’). My latest book is ‘DON'T CALL ME NIGGER, WHITEY: SLY STONE & BLACK POWER’. I look forward to your feedback...ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS NO MATCH FOR NATURAL STUPIDITY!!! Check out my website ‘EIGHT MILES HIGHER’ – ‘The Blogspot for People Who Don’t Like Blogspots’ – latest postings include ‘Music From Sheffield: The Box’ interviews/history, Kurt Vonnegut 1983 interview, full Bill Nelson interview-live/album review-discog retrospective with rare archive art, ‘The Lost Worlds Of Arthur Conan Doyle: His SF, Fantasy & Horror’, Neil Sedaka Live, Elvis: My Visit To Graceland & Sun Studios with photos, ‘Rogue Moon’ by Algis Budrys – history & analysis, Cassandra Complex 1988 interview, and more… monthly updates at
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