She screamed at the edge
“Fate cannot be changed”, she fell
I reached my hand, like many times
This time I catch thin air

I screamed, shouted, begged
She never came
She was tired of the game
That she was destined to play

I lost one more
To this so called fate
They choose to succumb
And leave me, unfair

She was like this butterfly
Failed, dying before me
Words echoed over again
“Fate cannot be changed”

What is this fate?
You speak so highly of
Its wings fluttered, vain
“Its useless, just die”, I said

It fluttered again and again
Overcoming, defeating
Little by little it flew away
Answering the unanswered

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Editorial Board

@sayyeda_jahagirdar, such fatalistic words: “fate cannot be changed” or “they chose to succumb” that you have written. As if there is already something written in the stars that has to be fulfilled. Another word recalled to mind is “destiny.” Was it not Shakespeare who said in one of his plays, “the fault dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in us who are underlings.” The Christians believe in free will that is granted to every soul. The Easterner’s concept of “karma” that binds the spirit to repayment of past debts in the next reincarnation is also in consonance with the thought that everyone is free to choose his action so long as he is accountable for it in this life or the next. So how will Fate predestine our lives? Pardon, but we got carried away in the philosophical aspect of your poem. What we would say is that you have here a thought-provoking write.


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