Darkened Heart

Darkened Heart short poem

Photo by © Axel Naud

Life is like tear drops, falling from the skies,
love will cause a flood, to pour down from your eyes.
Thunder rolls, followed by the sounds of lighting,
Like feelings in the heart, can be, become as frighting.
Storm’s rolling through, destruction leaves a path,
As a tormented heart, blinded by its wrath.
A blinded heart, so full of shattered tears,
That builds upon, all, its darkest fears.
He that hath a heart, let him understand,
Blinded hearts, foundations made of sand.
Storms have no direction, driven by the wind,
A dark broken heart, refusing it to mend!

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Writing is my escape from the problems and hassles of life sometimes! My poems are written on things based in my life and are tru- I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them!
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2 Comments on "Darkened Heart"

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Makaylah Downs

This is so beautiful in the way it’s talking about love. It has a really nice flow to it and I enjoyed reading it.

Jessiejames Porter

Your heart is darkened because u choose to live in a dark world of lies and cheating acts so before u post ur sadness b true to the ones that are reading them and let them know why u are saying the things u are then ask for Petty.. think twice before you act..


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