A person having a physical or mental condition that limits movements, senses, or activities
A complex phenomenon, reflecting an interaction between features of a person’s body and features of the society in which he or she lives
Developmental differences that have been unfairly stigmatized by society
One of the largest minorities in the world

People with disability are either viewed as heroes or not viewed at all
Society works towards pushing these creatures in the corner
Due to their uncivilized qualities
Some understanding that there is an unconscious push
Some barely understand what 2+2 equals

A growing population with citizens, old and young, born with or given to
Some ashamed of their unique quality
Fewer understand the gift they were given
Society expects a fish to climb a tree
Even though a fish excels at swimming
Society encourages people to be ashamed of their qualities that make them unique

Kids are being taught to be normal and safe
These celebrities, magazines, films, politics, religions
Are all stereotyping how a human being should be
Forgetting the fact that we are all different

If I had to choose to be part of a minority I would choose to be a part of this one
Because we don’t discriminate between your skin color, religion, political views, or qualities
We understand that everyone is different
Different disability, skin color, religion, sexuality
The word ‘normal’ is taboo to us
Because we can never be normal
And some of us don’t want to be

As I went through my years of school
The biggest lesson I learned was that these qualities that makes me a human
Should not hold me back from having the life I want
Because there are people who have it tougher than me
And I should show society that my “disability” doesn’t hinder me
But rather makes me stronger

So you can try to hold me back
But I have learned how to fight using my disability as a piece of what makes me, me
I am not labeled by my disability
My disability is labeled by me

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Nicholas Bianchi

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I'm recent graduate who recently started to really explore poetry. I've written poetry in the past but I was not willing to share them. I love spoken word poetry. Poetry, along with other art forms, are helping me get through tough times as I enter the 'real world.' I would appreciate feedback on my poems.
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@nbianchi31, disability could take up different meanings to different persons, especially to the one concerned. Would “impaired” be a better word to use over “disabled” in a clearer sense? Disabled conveys a sense of helplessness, while impaired simply denotes
difficulty in doing, but is able.
It is the initial triumph of a person over disability when not conceding that he is disabled. Instead he will announce that he is capable in another way, or that he is of the capacity to do other special tasks.