Dog-god Palindrome (What a Howl!)

If a dog were to worship a Dog-God
How would it go? Bow-wow,
Roll over, bark, snap or howl,
As would any dog?

Will it troop or droop its tail,
Flail, fawn, whimper or wail?
Piteously or piously at the moon
Bay plaintively night or noon?

Will the Dog-God be a he-dog or a bitch;
Spotted, russet, white, or black as pitch?
Mongrel, mastiff, Rottweiler or Doberman,
Or the spitting image of man or woman?

As tour de force, will G-o-d and d-o-g
Spell ‘God’ as ‘D-o-g’ or ‘dog’ as ‘g-o-d’;
Would the twitchy itch to palindrome
Bring on Tourette’s syndrome?

Will the God of dogs be called ‘Dog-God’
Or will He plainly be called ‘God-Dog’?
And will the double-trouble palindrome
Trouble-double Tourette’s prodrome?

And when a good or nerdy dog died
How would it be sainted or beatified?
Sirius, Polaris, Procyon or Nerd
Or just plain Saint Bernard?

Notes on Dog-God Palindrome
This is a satirical poem that pokes fun at the need for God. Implicitly, if animals do not have gods, why should we humans need one? A palindrome is a word or phrase spelled the same way forward or backward.

Dog-God: a palindrome
Troop: parade as a flag
Plaintively: mournfully
Russet: red-brown (of fur)
Tour de force: a feat of great virtuosity
Prodrome: early symptoms of a disease
Tourette’s syndrome: neurological disorder characterized by multiple facial and body twitching, grunts, dog-like barks, shouts of obscenities and scratching of private parts.
Sirius, Procyon: names of stars or constellations. Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky) is a star of the Sirius constellation – this constellation is Orion’s hunting dog. Polaris is the ‘north star’ and along with Procyon (the brightest in the constellation), are stars in the constellation Canis Minor (also known as Little Dog).
St. Bernard: a breed of very large working dog made famous by tales of alpine rescues.

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2 Comments on "Dog-god Palindrome (What a Howl!)"

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Another splutter over my drinking of tea reading poems!!
The dogs God is his master, the master is his food, without food he would die and be buried in the garden
with a cross above him. Man (or most) need something (a god) to beleive in, or the excistance would seem
pointless, which by the way it is!
Sorry just my own thoughts straight after reading a refreshing new take for me at least on poetry.


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