Worms short poem

Hello! Chester here… Missing you so,
A bookworm am I,
Oh, yesss, today just sliding by…
With spectacles on my nose,
I do both poetry and prose.
Want to hear more about me …
And my family…?
So awfully lovely to see you again,
Perhaps a few secrets for you, my friend?

Plump cousins I have in the strangest places,
On blue Stilton cheese are not only their faces…
There’s even a cousin with a thousand little feet…
The shoemaker thinks he’s a treat.
Mostly here somewhere, we always share…
And war seen so many times before,
Just like greedy maggots, ended battles we do adore,
And there is even more…

Not a treat, some worms you never want to meet,
For a part of the family is really mean,
Trust me, the worst worms you’ve ever seen,
For those eat dead people really clean!
Others just eat wood and all they ever could.
And don’t let me start,
With Mr. Snooks… worming into Miss Prissy’s heart!

Once there was even a tapeworm from a whale,
100 feet long and both… He and She were for sale!
Just like people… large, short, skinny or hairy,
Some worms fancy meat or plants… others dairy.
Seeing ample aggravation… there was an invitation…
And all I have to say today… Now on my way…
To the cemetery without delay…
But I’ll be back, Sweetheart… Someday.

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3 Comments on "Worms"

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Editorial Board

@Kari_Knutsen, a sweet poem for our delectation. Light and whimsical, like a sunny day. And musical with playful rhymes. May we read more of this sort.


Ha Ha A wonderful read fun and seriouse all in one,
this poem wormed its way into my heart.