Other Side

It’s early morning
The sun is still preparing herself to shine
I don’t know if I’m ready to meet the sun
Because I have been friends with the moon

The dark gives me so much more happiness
Than the bright does
I don’t care if some think I’m crazy
Yet they have to realize
That the dark is not always gloomy

A lot of laughter below the moon
While, straight face in every afternoon
Sometimes, you need to see
That everything has its own goodness

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Maya Ariohudoyo

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Just like to pull out what's on my mind into words.
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Fabrizio Frosini

“the dark is not always gloomy” , you say. Right.
And I love the intimacy of the night..

But.. may I ask.. In your line “The sun is still preparing herself to shine”, why “herself”?
Our Sun is a star, of course, but since the beginning of history, our ancestors have considered its ‘gender’ as male.. as opposed to the feminine character of the moon..

Well.. understand that when I say “our culture”, I refer to the ones I know, of course..
Maybe in your culture (is Indonesia your country?) both the sun and the moon are considered as female gender.. Is that so?


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