The Trailblazer

The Trailblazer short poem

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Comprehensive to common minds yet impressive.
Creative writing demands appreciating.
His composition is his recognition.
Unknown to this world his designation.
Nor noted he’s deserted.
Exiled deep in oceans of literature,
Get him a defibrillator.
Too less like him left, don’t let’em die.
He’s comatose, can he defy?
Every ghost writer preying on original
These parasites imbibe on one lyrical
Remix two more, replica another four.
But is their solvent strong enough
to dissolve his cerebrum in the trough.
He’s spirited again with a la mode resistance.
His lyrics mean more relevance.
Sack off the lounge, Chicken out mix breed.
Chuck up the sponge, time’s up of your creed.
Phoenix return marks the inception
of raw massive dynamic generation.
New stream flow in their veins,
They are hyped up submarine.
Geared to fire Thames and put the forgers in sane.
A reader makes or mars a composer,
Spit or chew his letter.
Disdain him, try absorbing his saying.
Respect him or misread.
Unswayed like a non living,
No longer will he be in need.
For he celebrated his life vintage Rhone wine,
His accomplishments e’er shine
But date expired, ageless voyage had to cease.
He last wished for eternal peace.
In every lit of literature and alpha, bet he’s alive.
Too far have flown the flies, too many hopes cling to the hive.

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Trailblazer short poem

Prepare the bed of the liquid art, where the ice will kiss the fire. Can you climb on the flames to know the truth of a molten lava? Who killed the desire to enter the frozen god of revenge? Alas,


Trailblazer elegy

Allow me the autonomy Of innovative spirit Don’t undermine potential My purpose, don’t inhibit Don’t hinder my endeavors Nor interrupt progression Be mindful of my right To meaningful expression Don’t try to nail my wings Unjustly to the floor Don’t