Childhood Trifles

Childhood Trifles short poem

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Those days the sun flew over me like corn flour,
freshly ground at the millrace.
Even in winter it was yellow
when I pressed it down with my thumb,
like an unfastened button on my chest.
I could hardly cut my way with a stick
through the tall weeds
until my knee-high socks
were filled with thistle tassels.
I jumped over the fence like a thief
into our apple orchard,
so no one knew where I was.
When the Big Dipper rose over the barn
I slipped into the manger from the window,
landing in fresh grass or hay,
took my grandma’s small chair for milking
and sang for the young foal with caramel skin.
Those days all hearts were red and warm,
shaped like gingerbread hearts.
Each star was a story
whispered by fairies in the daffodil’s glade.

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I am from Romania, I write poems and haiku and sometimes I translate them into English. My poems and haiku were published in various e-zines or poetry journals and magazines in print in Romania or abroad. Poetry is for me like champagne poured in a mug. I discovered this site and I can say that I found many good poems here.
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Buna dimineata, Cristina! Iti voi scrie in Engleza, deoarece este limba impusa (presupun) de acest site. Insa as dori mult sa te cunosc si, eventual, sa comunicam prin scris, evident, daca si tu binevoiesti. Sunt nascuta romanca, ti-am citit poezia intamplator, pe acest site, si pot spune ca este SINGURA POEZIE care m-a emotionat…
Dearest Cristina, I love your poem. I love the language you use, the chosen words, the heartfelt images you render. It is a poem that pulses emotions and I can see the inner-child like a silver thread along the poem…A poem of innocence, its scent brings to life memories of a lost time, like “the madeleine” of Proust…Simply wonderful!


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