Incoherent lives..

 Incoherent lives.. short poem

Radio blares incoherent songs

people speak excitedly about music

billboards advertise wares

there are outlets everywhere

the lights are bright and night still young

and the road never ends…

There is a girl in silhouette

a woman with torn clothes

waiting for traffic to stop

waiting so that she can beg

children carry smaller children

all scamper to the cars

ask for mercy and alms…

Unrelenting we sit and ignore

this is an industry now a days

my friend explains

people living on street?

cannot be an industry I muse

but am as big a hypocrite as them

so do nothing to appease myself..

Far away somewhere, someone waits for me

I don’t know where home is

I am lost in this neverland

I wish I had wings to soar

to go up and see the beacon of love

but I feel too tired to even budge

and I let the loud noises play

for the benefit of all around

so that we can all drown

and become one with noise

death before death

Death each day we live..

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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