Lilypad short poem

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Sitting by the river bank
letting my thoughts float too.
A frog hopped off a lilypad,
sat beside me and said,
“hello you”
Me being polite I replied
“Hi, Hello you too”

“Release me from my bondage girl.
Just a quick kiss will do.
I will be your slave forever,
and love you a little too.”

“Love me a little! be my slave,
No! no! no! Mr Frog
that lilypad over there
waits just for you.
I await my prince
and only he will do.”

“Oh silly girl,”
I thought he said
as he hopped back on his pad
and floated off out of view.

Staring in disbelief
I shook my head
and woke up laughing
Yes, in my own bed too.

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I love writing and reading poems, not so much the classics these days but knew fresh stuff I find that exciting. New styles and new ideas. Some people paint, or write books or do crafts to get the inside out, me I do poetry and read the inside of folk I love to write fun and nature poems the best though.
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Muhammad Farhan Ahmed

I really like the touch of humor in this poem! It’s a very entertaining write. I too smiled while reading the ironic and comedic words in this write. Really nice. Keep it up.

Darren Scanlon

What a lovely comical tail, Johanna.
Nicely done!


Daniel Brick

Is the frog in your poem telling the truth? Would he really submit to being a slave? And why does he qualify love by saying a little? I may be reading too much into the fairy tale setting, but the real life parallel to this is the junk mail that promises something for nothing just to lure the unwary. I don’t trust those scams and I don’t trust talking frogs! BTW in your photograph is that Gustav Klimt’s THE KISS on the wall in the background?
Great Painting!

Rob J Mann

Too much of a princess to kiss a frog – silly girl indeed! Never judge a book by its green slimy cover.

Akhtar Jawad

It’s an interesting and beautiful poem, really liked it.

Swathi Rao

That’s one witty poem, filled with humor!

Kavita Jain

Johanaa a beautiful poem , Mahatma wrote experiment with truth may be some day we have a book named my experiment with kisses and wonder who become who?

Siraj Mamatraillath

Really enjoyed the sense of fun you have brought into the poem. It put a warm smile on my face. Nice work

Randall Smith

I was waiting for the punch line and you delivered it so well. Truly enjoyed this poem