A Farewell Message

A Farewell Message long poem

At this very hour of my life

I am sitting alone with a heavy headache

I have neither anger nor hatred for you;

But I simply pity you

And I feel sinful myself;

You made me venture into this impossibility

To move as far as this much

To publicize your weakness bluntly

To materialize my miseries shamelessly

To open up every unopened layer

I have frowned, I have warned

I have protested, I have prayed

I have forgiven, I have beseeched

I have gone every possible way

To open up your head to see the light above

It’s your foolishness that bruised many hearts

It’s your shamelessness that made me diffident

It’s your shallowness that murdered my determination

It’s you who is the reason of your humiliation

I have neither reason nor gut to dramatise

As cunning as your sweet beauty

I have neither time nor guilt

To burn myself further into misery

For the sake of Mr Bastard and Mrs Wolf.

From this new season,a new scope of life

Not to you, but to myself;

I confess truthfully, I pledge wholeheartedly;

I will never sail into anybody’s tears

To cross towards the land of profits

But, keep the active brain

If anyone trembles upon my head,

I will not leave without pulling down into hell

Nevertheless, I beseech my deep apology

For this easiest yet the most destructive step

That I was forced to take

I will partake my redemption gradually

Not to anyone else, but yourself

Promise from this very new year, this very new turn of life

That you will learn from your mistakes for betterment

Never let yourself trampled completely by your faults

A good man; for you, for your endearments

I hope a better curve for you from this day

This is the final message I write for you

The words straight from my red heart

Not because I am too kind for your unkindness

But because I have known you for seven years.

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Sonam Bhumo

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"Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it onto future generations."George Bernard Shaw
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Nice choice of words!


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