Into Cobalt Blue

Into Cobalt Blue long poem

Photo by Laddir

I have no sad delusion life will end, though I’ll move on
Into endogenetic, and the stillness from which we were born
To lie there undisturbed, Earth Mother cradles us until she’s gone
These thoughts all race across my mind,
and I’m just trying to hang on
What happens then as I believe is, we‘re back into the stars
To sail the Solar winds alone, past Jupiter and Mars
Living bits of energy, ride on the Cosmos intra vires
Somehow I can hear the sound, but it’s much too faint,
and far too far

I must admit I’m at a loss to understand what’s true
The answers to my questions, as of now are hidden from my view
I contemplate the subject looking up, to skies of cobalt blue
Somewhere far in distant time, some ancient place, we rise anew
To live and love yet once again, and know that we exist
To see the softness of your eyes, and feel that soothing, gentle kiss
It’s late and I must sleep, and so my thoughts begin to slowly drift
The stars revolve above me once again…
and so the dreams still persist

A dream of immortality?… that’s partially correct
Perhaps a glimpse within a hope, one instant to softly reflect
Upon our awesome journey, and the thought that life will resurrect
Consider such a moment.. where you and I, and God connect
And so my friends do not distress, about life’s imminent demise
We’ll live again light years from now, for the Universe shall improvise
Heaven waits for those who see the light, and all it so implies
Look deep into the cobalt blue, and find your dreams there…
in the skies.

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