The Letter In Red

The Letter In Red long poem

Photo by Julie Edgley

I lay awake, on my bed one night,
Instantly, my room, was filled with light.
There stood an Angel, who put a letter in my hand,
The writing on this page, I could not understand
When I looked back up, the Angel, I did not see,
What was this letter, why was it given to me?
I had no idea, of what it even said,
All I knew, is that it was written in red.
I looked back at the letter, to give it one more try,
I heard a voice say, Peace Be Still, For It Is Only I.
As I looked back up,I saw His Holy Face,
And all around, I could feel, His Holy Grace!
I said sir, I have a letter, before I did finish, He said to me,
Yes My Son, I wrote it, and sent it to thee.
He reached out, and I put it in his hand,
As he began to read it, I did understand.
Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hears my voice,
And lets me in, I will sup with him, for it is only by their choice.
When He handed me back this letter, He said,
This letter was written to you, with the blood I shed.
A lump came up in my throat, as tears fell down my face,
For I had received a Letter, Written, In His Holy Grace!
When I wiped my eyes, He was no longer there,
I could not find this letter, anywhere.
But I shall always remember, what this letter said,
For my name was written, in the Blood He Shed!
Now I sup with Him, and He sups with me,
As His letter read, this was meant to be!

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Writing is my escape from the problems and hassles of life sometimes! My poems are written on things based in my life and are tru- I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them!
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Editorial Board

@jessica_porter, first, did you mean the 8th line from the end to read “A lump came up my throat. . . .” without the “in” included?

You have written with enlightenment. Remember the poem about “Abu Ben Adhem, may his tribe increase. . .” from High School textbooks? You did well along these line. Such benign writes. And the couplets, they’re amazing.

ammu sachariah

you have written it so beautifully. it reminds us how we are invited to the eternal life.


This is a beautiful poem of how God stands at the door and knocks and all we have to do is let him in to sup with us. We should never let the price he paid be in vain as the price he paid for us one and all. I can appreciate this poem in its purest form. I pray God blesses your journey in this life and helps your words to touch the world!


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