An Atheist’s Portraiture Of God As The Poet Of Creation

An Atheists Portraiture Of God As The Poet Of Creation long poem

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In the great dark void before He made our universe,
God was primordially drunk on poetry and verse;
Poesy sublimely crowned His high and haloed head
As subliminally, He poeticized the decrees He made.

In that last timeless even, before the first-born morn,
He created chaos and the great cold void without form:
For quite forgot He, darkness was conceptualized first
To conceive, mid-wife, and deliver forth the universe

For afore He uttered the first fiat, ‘Let there be light,’
And separated He the dark ebony void from the bright,
White light, decrees He, symbolizes Hope and Right,
Ebony black, decrees He, symbolizes Evil and Blight.

He painterly personifies as a bridegroom the rising sun,
Who, coming out of his tent, joyously makes ready to run
His light-long race: yea, the princes of the night sky dim
Their faces; they bow out as one constellated sky before him.

The moon He womanizes as one who duly keeps
The Sabbaths and holy months; at one vesper, sleeps
She not but keeps her wholesome eye over the forlorn
House of Israel in the embattled valley of Ajalon.*

O Poet-God, anoint us again with psalms of poetry and verse,
Teach us the songs of ascension** that lift forth the universe;
Lift the curse; let Earth bring forth again the fats of the land
As in the days when innocent God hearkens to the voice of man!

O Painter of proses, in what new valleys and secret Eden
Walk you now with fig-less Eve and Adam at even?
In what hidden spheres, sing you now your new verses,
In what new gardens light years away, in what new universes?
*Joshua 10.12 – 14
**a.k.a. songs of degrees; psalms sung as Jews ascend to Jerusalem

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Wow Lawrence that took a few readings as to what to say??? mmmm I dont know, it was clever very cleverly
put together but I being an athiest would hate to offend anyone, But the well meant humour tickled me.


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