Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs long poem

Photo by Lucia Whittaker

On a day icy-cold, snowy and serene
Glancing through the window ebony-framed
Stitched a silk scarf a genial queen
Prickled when she her slim flat finger
Three blood drops fell upon her sewing

Gave she birth to a girl ”Snow White”
With velvety skin as fair as snow,
Luscious lips blood-red and light,
Lustrous hair as black as ebony,
Scarlet fruity cheeks soft like silk.

The girl’s beauty was like none other
Grew she as pretty as a picture
But before long died her mother
And the king married once again

The new queen was ravishingly divine
A vain, o’er-dressed narcissist…
Asked she daily a mirror on the wall
”Who is the fairest of us all?”
Pride polluted her heart like venom,
Felt she grand and lordly high,
Whene’er heard she her fa’ourite reply
”O Queen, you are the fairest of all!”

But Snow White whitened as she aged,
Brighten’d her face, redden’d her cheeks
One day her stepmother got enraged
For the mirror gave a brand new reply
”O Queen, you’re fair, fine, and chic,
But you need not feel so proud or high
For Snow White’s beauty is sole and unique
And she is now the fairest of all!”

”Kill Snow White, bring her heart to me,”
Ordered she one of the huntsmen
”For I shall slice and savour it in glee”
Brought instead the hunter a boar’s heart
For he let his prisoner flee,
With a sympathetic face, said he
”You are too young, fair, and fresh
To go the way of all flesh
Before that brutal lady finds you out,
Run to the woods and ne’er return!”

Wander’d she in the woods so dreary
To find some safe shelter to stay
She wept, sweat, and soon got weary
Spotted she at last a quaint cottage

”Seven wee tables, seven wee chairs
Seven wee candles, seven wee plates
Seven wee bedrooms upstairs,
What a queer little house is it!”

In the vacant, peculiar house
Walked she keenly to and fro
Somebody poked her aqua-blue blouse
Saw Snow White seven dwarfs behind

”Look at her skin, so fair and white!”
”Look at her hair, so sleek and dark !”
”Look at her cheeks, so rosy and bright!”
”And her lips, they’re so red and light!
”Welcome to our cottage, lovely guest!”

”Oh, cute seven little men,
If you don’t mind, let me stay here
For my step-mom has an evil heart
And she will not spare me, I fear…”

”Hush, dear, dwell in our house
From that sadistic woman away”
Said one of the jovial, mellow men,
For we’ll keep you out of harm’s way”

The queen in her castle danced with gloat
Patting herself on the back
Ask’d she her mirror on the wall
”Am I now the fairest of all?”

”O Queen, you’re fair, fine, chic
But you are still number two
For in the forest where se’en dwarfs dwell,
Snow White’s still safe, sound and well!”

With a face as red as blood
With a will harder than granite
With a basket of apples ruby-red
Yet so poisonous, like hemlock
Headed she towards the grim woods
On a horse so resplendent and fair
That felt quite awkward and queer
To be ridden by an old hag in rags
She was so fox-cunning and wise
For it was the evil queen in disguise

Knocked she the door of the dwarf house
With a sound that made Snow White rouse
Opened she the door and smiled
At the lady, that seemed tender and kind
”I need not come in, dear child
But do try these fresh, dainty apples
For they’re ripe, succulent and mild”

Finding no fault in a fruit so bright
Finding no fault in a lady so docile
Took Snow White a big bite
Shut she then her glinting, pearly eyes
That did not open ever again

The murderer with a demonic grin
Fled from the tragic death scene
As fast as a witch’s broomstick
Rushed away the malicious queen,

On the floor so unblemished and pure
The dwarfs saw Snow White’s body as still
As the left-ov’r toxic apple on the floor
Tried they so many revival herbs to cure
The venom poured in her virtuous heart

The days so deplorable and sad, passed by
Sobbed the seven dwarfs all day
Seeing a blurry river in the eyes
”Come back, come back” they’d just say

Put they Snow White’s body so tight
In a glass-coffin ample for her to lay
Her skin was still comely and bright
Her hair still as black as ebony
Lips still lusciously red and light
Fruity cheeks still scarlet like blood

One stunningly scenic and bright, dulcet day
Came a bonny prince, who on a horse rode by
And stopped to see the seven dwarfs pray
”Bring Snow White back to life, O God!
And punish the queen for her sinful fraud!”

The prince pulled back his satin-smooth hair
And gazed at the girl’s gorgeous figure
With his gleaming, profound, silvery eyes
To a genuine love fell he a prey
Looking at Snow White in the coffin, said he
”O My Lord! I need not pray
For my love, so amorous and deep
Is plenty for her dead soul to revive
She will wake up one day, I just know
Till then, my angelic love will thrive”

The apple piece in Snow White’s throat
Jumped out miraculously, and she awoke
Opened she gently her big doll-eyes
The seven dwarfs jumped in great glee
”She’s alive! She’s alive!” they cried
While Snow White to the prince eyed
”I love you too, my handsome prince
I shall be your beloved bride,
And savour the rest of my life.”

And here comes the end of the tale
Snow White became the prince’s wife
She had no obstacles to face then
For the queen burst into a pile of dust
As she was cursed by the seven little men
The prince and princess lived with endless trust
And the king did not marry ever again

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Muhammad Farhan Ahmed

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I was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I started writing at the age of 11. I am a passionate poet and I use the power of my heart and my imaginations to write poems. I've been writing poetry for five years. I initially wrote free-verse poetry but I was inspired by William Wordsworth's poems and then I switched to rhythmic poetry. I am a poet of emotions and sentimentality. I embellish my thoughts and ideas by adding several metaphors, idioms, and similes. In 2013, I participated in an inter-school poetry competition in which I was awarded the first prize. I'm hoping to publish a book which compiles up all my poems, called ''Farhanite''. In my opinion, being a poet is like living in a world of dreams and inner visualizations, that you turn into words adorned by beautiful metaphors, similes, idioms, and rhymes. Poetry is a tool that completely changes your personality, your style, your ambitions, and in short, you.
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joy Lennick

It was so quirky in delivery, it made me smile. Such a pleasant reading ‘journey.’ And I like happy endings to boot!


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