Seeing Is Believing, Yet To Feel Is Most Sublime

Seeing Is Believing, Yet To Feel Is Most Sublime long poem

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There are those who see nothing in every sunrise
And those who see emptiness in loving eyes,
They see only the water yet never the sea
I just wish they would stop and take heed of my plea,
Sunrises need sunsets and rainbows need rain
And stories need endings that softly explain
Why pathways are as different as shadow soft songs
And why there’d be no rights without mistakes and wrongs.

There are those who reach out yet feel nothing at all
Never seeing the light at the end of the hall,
Only shades of confusion and whispers of white
Without hope every morning’s as still as each night,
And rain clouds are as memories that never grow dry
No matter the reason, the where or the why,
For while Prayers stay unanswered, and wishes still wait
Every evening is endless, and dawn always late.

Yet all that they need is to look once again
At those strings of pearl dewdrops that follow the rain,
And at how the sun follows through rainbow clad skies
For a Prayer never sleeps, and a wish never dies,
They just wait for that moment of priceless return
Then they rest in your heart where your daydreams still burn
And before very long you will hear your Prayers
For the lantern still glows at the top of your stairs…

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I am an elderly gnome who loves reading and particularly writing poetry, I live in a cottage on the North Yorkshire coast in England.
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