Family And Friends

There’s a cool little family that lives in the smoke,
About which I’ll tell you and it isn’t a joke,
They live out in Hackney, the doggy east end,
Which is now full of bankers and the money they lend,
So now I will tell you a story of three, of this little ol’ family Stu, Emma and B.

Stu take a picture of all of the stars ,
Emma just paints them and plays with there umbras
B,s is too little to have a job yet,
but Mummy is thinking of getting a pet,
A dog would be good but a cat is less hassle,
but you can dress a dog up with a ribbon and tassel.

That’s all I can tell you for now, they’re elusive,
its almost like Stuart’s becoming exclusive,
He photo’d the queen once but we don’t really care,
he has over priced clothes and he has funny hair.
But we still want to see him and Emma and B,
if they fancy a trip on my boat to the sea,
Maybe not yet as she’s still just a baby ,
but if I get round her mum though, it could be a maybe!

But Stu always says that , and never turns up
and with that I shall leave for some tea in a cup

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I grew up on a council estate bordering the green fields of kent , so it was fishing in streams and glue sniffing skinheads, what a contrast. I,ve taken drugs and had mixed times both very bad and good and have done a huge variety of different jobs which all in all I think make my work interesting. I dont drink or take drugs anymore. Havent for 8 years. Its better but I regret nothing, it all adds to you person.Thanks for reading my work. Its very enjoyable to do and a bit secret !
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Funkekeme Akposeye

nice to read!


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