Morning Exercise

Morning Exercise short poem

Photo by Jinho.Jung

Good morning!
with half-closed eyes you can see your life
running like a fairy at the window
shaking cherry flowers from her hair
raising the train of her dress between her fingers
it would have been unusual not to fall in love
not to see among clouds
swans in pairs, white hearts in pairs, dissolving
while you sip your rosemary tea

Good morning I command to you!
if you stare with your eyes wide open
you see this life
an ugly madam with thick makeup and dilated nostrils
sniffing you as if you were half-dead
throwing on your table the dry bread and the hard-boiled egg
take it, there’s no time for a bargain, take a bit of sunshine
a pinch of salt on your tongue
swallow at once

like this…open your eyes very slowly until your lives begin to wrestle
and smash one another down to dust

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I am from Romania, I write poems and haiku and sometimes I translate them into English. My poems and haiku were published in various e-zines or poetry journals and magazines in print in Romania or abroad. Poetry is for me like champagne poured in a mug. I discovered this site and I can say that I found many good poems here.
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7 Comments on "Morning Exercise"

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Editorial Board

Your depiction of life in such contrasting settings is interesting. The reader will have to find out which is the reality.

Chandrama Deshmukh

This poem is exactly what I needed to read today. A breath of fresh air.
Didn’t get the last bit though. Would love to know your thoughts about it.

As I read the images came dancing before me, and so did the morning light.
This was a good morning exercise indeed 🙂

Chandrama Deshmukh

Even your comments spill such wisdom 🙂
Shall certainly read more.


woooooow very beautiful !!!

asoke kumar mitra

excellent write, very new style of writing. very beautiful imagery.


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