Bird Beauty

Bird Beauty short poem

Photo by Mel B.

A harlequin parrot as free as a butterfly
Flapp’d her rainbow wings in the azure sky
Boasting her grandeur and flamboyance
To mates devoid of charm and elegance

She settled on the fecund oak tree’s bough
Whose bare branches in winds would bow
An unembellish’d, avacado-green fellow
Gazed at her splendour, grace and glow

”Witness my beauty, you pygmy gawk
I’m superior to any macaw or peacock
My vibrant skin, my majestic wings
Are as ornate as gardens of springs”

The parrot so penny-plain and verdant
Replied in his pompous, solemn accent
”Beauty is a lovely possession, my friend
But you’ll know its sour truth in the end

A bird’s blithe days do not last long
Beauty doesn’t make one evasively strong
You’ll be a prisoner in a man’s house
Who shan’t pay heed to your grouse

Or a zoo’s puny adornment you’ll be
To live a life lonely as the Arctic Sea
Veil your allure to avoid fate’s perfidy
Before it shuts you in a cage so bitty”

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Muhammad Farhan Ahmed

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I was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I started writing at the age of 11. I am a passionate poet and I use the power of my heart and my imaginations to write poems. I've been writing poetry for five years. I initially wrote free-verse poetry but I was inspired by William Wordsworth's poems and then I switched to rhythmic poetry. I am a poet of emotions and sentimentality. I embellish my thoughts and ideas by adding several metaphors, idioms, and similes. In 2013, I participated in an inter-school poetry competition in which I was awarded the first prize. I'm hoping to publish a book which compiles up all my poems, called ''Farhanite''. In my opinion, being a poet is like living in a world of dreams and inner visualizations, that you turn into words adorned by beautiful metaphors, similes, idioms, and rhymes. Poetry is a tool that completely changes your personality, your style, your ambitions, and in short, you.
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A beautiful poem. I loved the flair and words you embellish each part.
I have got to admit I am not a scholar and had to look up a few words, this in
turn will help my poetry. Loved it.


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