King Serpentine

A killing truck running mad
I turn Mozartian with a poison gland.
You thought Shoemaker is some fall guy.
When you don’t even know the meaning, sigh.
My measure is King Cobra XIIth.
Fear the venom, not the length.
Lamp ignites when cotton dies. That sacrifice!
Badge earned after badge declined,
That irony, calling it well deserved.
It always belonged to the king,
Not the conqueror, but politics served.
See the spasm of pain soaked up inside my senses.
And sacrifice of the chances.
Liver running short of albumin,
So I might as well deliver,
Furnish my verse with anti-hepatotoxin.
Wonder what makes me kill metaphoric limits,
Your entire Gaussian arsenal cannot circumscribe my wits.
This transcendence tends to Depp, too deep parameter.
Loggerheads never stop plodding the perimeter.
Do you savvy the meaning of this uncanny epic?
Or is it just your usual daft head and my grail lyric.
Sentinel and Optimus at the same time,
Bow down before King Serpentine.
Racing alone, what am I chasing?
They cannot apprehend so tell me to stop, I can’t.
This talent is water running.
I sometimes feel like giving up, but damn,
I’m reservoir overflowing.

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