Take A Walk

Take A Walk prose poem long poem

Let’s take a walk

Just you and me and none of our goddamn pretensions

None of the constant editing of words and phrases in our daily interactions

Let’s say things as they come to mind

Hell, let’s just not say anything at all

Let’s just take a walk..

Let’s be quiet and hear the rhythm of the crunching noise

of our footsteps on the frozen grass

let’s let our footsteps synchronize, quietly, silently, naturally

let’s be quiet and take a walk..

Let’s look at the stars

But let’s not point out galaxies and constellations and the “north star”

Let’s really just look

and notice the glittering reflections of this starlight on the frost on car windshields

let’s be quiet and watchful and take a walk…

Let’s let ourselves bump into each other tripping a little over the sidewalk

and let’s not acknowledge it

let our walking bodies collide when they do and separate when they do

and let’s please not talk about it

let’s be quiet and watchful and easy and walk…

We love hearing ourselves talk

talk about abstractions that sound commendably thoughtful

trivialities weaved with specks of forced humor

stories about ourselves that are really the fictions that keep us interested in ourselves

but I don’t want to know your fiction tonight

your sense of humor

your hazy thoughts on the meaning and purpose of life

I want to know the rhythm your feet step in

the way you breathe when you’re not vocalizing everything that comes to your mind

what really draws your attention when you’re looking for someway to break the restless silence

and then maybe,

when we’re done knowing each other in this uncomfortable forced silence

struggling to distract ourselves from this non-interaction

we can talk

and you can tell me and I can tell you

the things I really want to say and the things you really want to say

words that are bursting out of your mouth

oppressed by the few minutes of silence

for these are the words I really want to hear

the words that really desperately want to be spoken to be heard

not the benign talk about work and chores and bills to pay and the weather

but the real and uncontrollable syllables restless to be exchanged

etched into our memories forever

for they escaped the reins of the silence we imposed on ourselves

on that quiet and watchful and easy walk…

So let’s take a walk?

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7 Comments on "Take A Walk"

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Editorial Board

Such a refreshing and well written piece of poetry! It is rare that one comes across feelings described with so much honesty and simplicity and yet so beautifully crafted in terms of visual and textual content. This one stays long after one has read it..the mark of a good writer. @Nanya, keep on writing, you will some day make us really proud to have you as a part of our community.

Balaji Gopalan

Lovely piece, nanya…quite loved the thought of not speaking, so that one may really begin to speak…

Editorial Board

This one again by the young poet @Nanya_Jhingran is a personal favourite which is revisited ever so often..It draws you in as you read and the imagery is so vivid you can almost imagine yourself on the sidewalk watching the poet as this poem happens to her..Such understanding of human nature for one so young and its narration with so much clarity makes it a must read. Truly remarkable!


I had to come and read another of your poems after the first. The style I just love a talking poem but a quiet walk. So is life just wonderful. I hope to read more of your work.


Looks right through our pretensions embossed one on another till we lose touch with reality.Strong piercing
Great poem

Geetha Paniker

Beautiful one…a walk that talks a lot….

Randall Smith

Thank you. It is so nice to read of someone who likes the quiet. You can hear so much more this way and you said it so well in your poem.


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