Seemingly Snowing

Seemingly Snowing short poem

Photo by lozikiki

In good old days I built adobe houses for each memory
but then came flooding, freezing and again flooding
even the scarecrow’s shirt discolored
in our orchard with red apples

However you still ask me what happened, how do I feel
I would answer to you something silly
like oh my god, or what the heck, how am I supposed to feel
but I abstain
we’re too lonely, the sun sets down behind our backs
and this is not a joke

We played the hangman’s game in vain
today’s words are private property, we can’t share them anymore
we sit together just the two of us at the last supper
two simple women, flesh and blood
my today’s self, my yesterday’s self
and tomorrow’s holy ghost
there are no other reasons for wondering and marveling
it’s just another starry night

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I am from Romania, I write poems and haiku and sometimes I translate them into English. My poems and haiku were published in various e-zines or poetry journals and magazines in print in Romania or abroad. Poetry is for me like champagne poured in a mug. I discovered this site and I can say that I found many good poems here.
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Editorial Board

@cristina-monica_moldoveanu, your poem stands distinctly in its being whimsical and witty. Always an enjoyable read.

kwai chee low

I agree with the Editorial Board; I can’t find a better word than whimsical to describe your poem which is at once nostalgic and yet insightful. I particularly like your words “the sun sets down behind our backs” and the last line “its just another starry night”. Even the title “Seemingly snowing” feels whimsical, a bit like “to be, or not to be”!


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«Let this fluffy snow fall upon our Dreams and make them shine!» Set free, Your breath smoothens unshaken skies; Your perception scratches unopened realities. Is it a diversion –maybe– for lost thoughts, For lost faces and sins? Looking the other