The Grave Digger

The Grave Digger elegy

O, ye grave digger what do you dig?
Grave for a flower of heaven, who dropeth on earth
With tears , smiles and gurgle
Goeth unscathed , unhurt and untouched.

O, ye grave digger what do you dig now?
Sepulchre for the youth
Whose sad visage reflects betrayed love
Wails and kisses do not stir him now
Death’s embrace is enow.

O, ye grave digger what do you do?
Dig a grave for a poor man
Whose life was full of suffering and woe
Grave problems tortured him in life
Gravely in the grave he lies.

O, ye grave diggers whose grave do you prepare now?
Rich man who ruled the law and grinded the poor
Yet death will level him with his page
His money and wealth, power and pelf
Will now, not stand him in good stead
For he was in vices rich ,virtues poor.

O, ye grave digger why do you smile?
I wonder at the vanity of man
He knows this is his final destination
Yet he never comes to inspect his home.
I think of his comfort, does he ever think of me?

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