A Soulful Friendship

A Soulful Friendship short poem

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In the grasp of intoxication
We burned our friendship in our skin
This was not an act of bravery
This was not an act of wit
It symbolized our souls and how brightly they were lit,
We were kept awake by secrets
As we questioned who we are,
We went to watch the sunrise engulf the night of stars,
We shared our souls across that table
Without judgement, without fear,
Our friendship is a rarity that I
Cherish deeply my dear

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Sarah Muldoon

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I am twenty years young from Ireland, I write to express and to say the things I could never make audible. I have little academic knowledge of poetry but I'm okay with that! I live to gaze at stars and question everything, my ultimate dream is to reset the factory settings of humanity...
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Daniel Brick

II thinkI am being warned by the system my comment are too long. But your poems give me so much to comment on. There’s the sheer craft of verse you display, so much said in just 10-12 lines. A lot of writers could learn fro you in making every word count. And the variety of your subjects
friendship .poems can often be cliches. But this one is bright, fresh, delightful. You have ten lines that are as
original a view of friendship as I’ve seen. There’s no trace of the false sentimentality that spoil greeting cards
I can see in your words why my friends count so highly in my life. It is one of the surprises of good writing that the more specific your images are, the more universal your poem is. This is how I would want a close friend to celebrate our rapport!

Archana Kaul

Fresh !!


A beautiful ode to a trusted and valuable bond called friendship:)



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