Better Pieces

Better Pieces short poem

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You were old and new all at once
A deadly temptation
A glitch in my solid nature
And so I dove head first
And as I did I watched the pieces
Of me break away
To reveal an alien
A rawness, a vulnerability
I had never thought I possessed
Yet there I was
And there you were unchanged
And unaware that I was scrambling
For my better pieces

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Sarah Muldoon

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I am twenty years young from Ireland, I write to express and to say the things I could never make audible. I have little academic knowledge of poetry but I'm okay with that! I live to gaze at stars and question everything, my ultimate dream is to reset the factory settings of humanity...
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Daniel Brick

This is a remarkable poem of self discovery. I recall the writer Anais Nin saying, if you want to know who you
are enter therapy or have a love affair or both. Both therapy and love involve in dialogue with another person
so were bound to see more, feel deeply, grow emotionally. But this relationship has been wounding, the lessons are negative but necessary. What strikes me is the absence of anger, or bitterness, you are picking up the pieces
and I sense it is a strongrt individua lwho is doing this,. But as i reread this poem a second, third time I felt the measure of sadness increase, because the other person is so removed and pbliviious to the harm he’s caused,
That is unacceptable behavior,

Michael Moyer

@sarah_muldoon For my better Pieces. Lovely poem. Thank you for the read .I don’t think my poems are ever going to get published on this site. I summited two over a week ago. I’m beginning to not trust it. If you like You can hit me up on Facebook. I have some of my published poems on there. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely Michael.


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