Let’s Tie The Knot

Lets Tie The Knot short poem

Photo by Carnie Lewis

It’s chilly and cold but Elaine I know
You drizzle in the rain but never show
Shrouds a tear shed by the raindrops
Which fall from the cloud crying loud
Howls the wind but Elaine I know
Roars your heart too deep down below
And then your eyes with tears overflow
You can share your woes with me though
You don’t believe me but Elaine I know
Love genuine has always a start slow
Walk under my umbrella, hold my hand
I’ll shield you in my arms where’er you stand
It is still raining but Elaine I know
You shall neither drizzle nor ever feel low
But it is getting late so let’s wait not
Elaine, come, let’s tie the knot.

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Muhammad Farhan Ahmed

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I was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I started writing at the age of 11. I am a passionate poet and I use the power of my heart and my imaginations to write poems. I've been writing poetry for five years. I initially wrote free-verse poetry but I was inspired by William Wordsworth's poems and then I switched to rhythmic poetry. I am a poet of emotions and sentimentality. I embellish my thoughts and ideas by adding several metaphors, idioms, and similes. In 2013, I participated in an inter-school poetry competition in which I was awarded the first prize. I'm hoping to publish a book which compiles up all my poems, called ''Farhanite''. In my opinion, being a poet is like living in a world of dreams and inner visualizations, that you turn into words adorned by beautiful metaphors, similes, idioms, and rhymes. Poetry is a tool that completely changes your personality, your style, your ambitions, and in short, you.
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