Peace long poem

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Looking down, a white silk trail
rose just above the river.
just as far as the eye could see.
Thus setting the scene
filling the start of the day
with wonder and glee.
Vaporized water rose
from the forest below,
holding another eerie glow.
A silence,
as early risers
were still snuggled up.
No-one knows.
A yellow orangey hue
peeked through the clouds
giving a promise of a
bright warm day
on it’s way.
Betwixt both scenes,
just hovering
Peace reigned.

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I love writing and reading poems, not so much the classics these days but knew fresh stuff I find that exciting. New styles and new ideas. Some people paint, or write books or do crafts to get the inside out, me I do poetry and read the inside of folk I love to write fun and nature poems the best though.
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25 Comments on "Peace"

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Muhammad Khalid Khan

It was pleasure reading your well worded poem.Keep sharing.

Fabrizio Frosini

Hi Johanna,
I’ve enjoyed your fine description of Dawn and the Peace reigning in-&-over that “eerie glow”.
But why those 2 lines: “Where? / No-one knows.”
Would you make it clear to me, please? Thanks.

Akhtar Jawad

Peace is a beautiful dream and this poem is like a rose flower that makes the dream colorful and fragrant.

Darren Scanlon

What a beautiful image you draw for us, Johanna.

Love it.


Reagan Latumbo

Impressive Poem!


#Poetry_in_motion….. this makes the reader travel through your words to serene beauty depicted ….
great work………

ratnaprabha raykar

beautiful imagery!!!pictured a beautiful morning right in front of our eyes.I loved it

ratnaprabha raykar

a lovely poem ,beautifully painted in words or shall i say a painting in words

Rob J Mann

Serenity undisturbed by man or beast – a scene not many get to experience. Well captured by a practised crafter of words. Nicely done Johanna.

Jafar Sadik

I like it….

Deepak Janardhan

“Peace reigned.” liked it.

Ramapriya Nr

fantastic poem bringing soothing effect to mind

Geetha Paniker

Beautiful dawn.


The words drew a picture. The beauty of mother nature is the best thing to praise and refresh our minds. She has everything and does every thing to cheer us. Loved reading this poem @yahoo_user_1 ma’am.



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